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What is Face Contouring and How Contouring is done.

September 27, 2016

Hi everyone..

Contouring what is Contouring ..this word is too common now in makeup. So what actually Contouring is and how it is done lets see here in this blog..

Contouring is when you use a matte powder, cream, or pencil product that’s two shades darker than your skin tone to shade areas you’d like to define or reshape, like your nose, forehead, chin, and cheekbones.

Contouring your face helps define your features, creating the appearance of higher cheekbones and a slimmer nose and chin. It’s a technique that was popularized by celebrity makeup artists, but with the right products and equipment it’s easy to do on your own. Once you’ve applied your contouring makeup, remember to blend well for a flawless, natural look.



Let’s see the Steps how Contouring is done..


  1. Start with foundation


Use foundation of your skin colour. Foundation provides a base you can build

upon when you contour using lighter and darker shades. Contouring your face without first applying foundation is more difficult, since skin tends to be uneven in colour. Your face could end up looking patchy instead of smooth and contoured.

Use a foundation composed of the same material as the other products you’ll be using; for example, use all cream products or all powder products, rather than mixing the two. Mixing textures can result in a caked-on look.


  1. Get foundation a few shades lighter than your skin

Facial contouring consists of highlighting places you want to stand out, and shading places you want to recede. For your highlighting product, you need foundation that’s about two shades paler than your base foundation.

  • Don’t go much lighter than two shades, or your makeup won’t look natural.
  • You can use a lighter concealer or eye shadow in place of foundation. Just remember to make sure all your products are either cream or powder; don’t mix the two.



  1. Choose a foundation a few shades darker than your skin

The darker tone will be used to shade the parts of your face that you want to draw attention away from. You’ll be creating strategic shadows that make your cheekbones appear sharper and your chin more narrow.

  • Don’t go darker than two shades below your normal skin tone, or your makeup won’t look natural.
  • Bronzer, darker eye shadow or darker concealer work as well as foundation. Just remember to make sure all your products are either cream or powder; don’t mix the two.


  1. Blending Brush



It is important to get a good blending brush because the face will be wearing several different shades,. If the different colours aren’t well-blended your makeup will look unnatural. You can use a foundation brush or blending brush.

You can use beauty blender or even you can use your fingers to blend the product on your face.

Contouring Face


  1. Get your hair away from face

Contouring makeup reaches up to your hairline at the top of your forehead, past your temples and down the sides of your face. Pull your hair away from your face so you’ll be able to see what you’re doing without it getting in the way.


  1. Prep your face

Prepping is essential if you want a smooth, flawless finish.


  1. Apply foundation first

Use your foundation brush to apply a light layer of your normal foundation all over your face, stretching all the way to the top of your forehead and below your chin.

Use a blending brush or your fingers to blend your foundation under your chin and around your neck so there won’t be a line separating your face from your neck.

Apply concealer at this stage as well. Focus on under-eye circles and any blemishes.


  1. Apply the light foundation

Take the foundation that’s a few shades lighter than your normal skin tone. Use your finger or a clean foundation brush to apply. Where to apply light foundation-

  • In the centre of your forehead.
  • Along the top of your brow lines.
  • Along the bridge of your nose.
  • On the apples of your cheeks
  • On your cupid’s bow (the section between the tip of your nose and the top of your lip).
  • In the centre of your chin.


  1. Apply the dark foundation

Use foundation brush to apply stroke of the darker foundation.

Where to apply the dark foundation-

  • Right below your hairline at the top of your forehead.
  • On the right and left sides of your forehead, near your hairline on either side.
  • Along the right and left sides of your nose.
  • In the hollows of your cheeks (to find them, suck your cheeks in).
  • Along your jawline on both sides, from your ears to the tip of your chin.



  1. Blend your makeup well

Use foundation brush to blend the colours for a natural finish. Be careful not to spread the colours around too much; you want them to stay in the general area where you placed them. Make sure the edges are blended well so that there are no sharp divisions between the lighter and darker foundation.

Finishing the Look



If you want the light areas to stand out even more, add a highlighter product to enhance the look. Cream highlighter is slightly shimmery, so it catches the light more than regular foundation. Apply it in the exact same places where you applied the lighter foundation.


Use Blush

Apply a small amount of blush to the apples of your cheeks. Make sure to blend the blush well with the other products on your face.


Use a matte setting powder

Setting powder is helpful to use when your products are cream-based. It helps to keep everything in place and gives the look a smooth finish. Use a clean powder brush to add a light coating of setting powder over your entire face.


Eye and Lip makeup

Make sure everything is perfectly blended and set before you start applying eye and lip makeup. Contouring is a bold look, so you may want to choose either heavy eye makeup or a bright lip, but not both.



So here were the products required and steps to contour your face. Try contouring your face today it’s not that difficult.



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