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Fake Fuller Lips : Steps

October 25, 2016

Hi everyone..

We all want that perfect pout. But everyone doesn’t have fuller lips to make that perfect pout. So how to make lips look fuller don’t worry I am not telling you to get injection or something.



Full lips are so hot right now, but not everyone was born with a super-plump pout. Thankfully, though, all you really need is makeup to create the illusion of bigger lips.

Make sure your teeth are at their whitest, as yellow teeth can draw the lips in, while whiter teeth make your lips look fuller.

Fake Fuller Lips : Steps

Step 1 – Hydrate, Hydrate…


Dry lips are already deflated so to speak, so a dose of moisture will give them a bit of life.  Prep your lips with a rich balm before you break apply anything on lips.

Step 2 – Start With a Clean Slate



You have to hide your lip line before you can extend it. Its always better to prime the lipstick. Use your concealer on lips then lightly tap and blend it outward to blur where your natural line ends and begins. Dab some of the concealer in the center of your lips.

Step 3 – Overline



Line your lips with a lip liner that closely matches your natural lip color as a base to help create definition and lift. Slightly overline over your cupid’s bow and below the middle of your bottom lip. The trick to making overlined lips look natural is to only draw outside these two areas but trace the sides of your lips on your natural line.

Step 4-  Contour and highlight

Using a darker shade of lip liner, fill in the corners of your lips and draw short lines that follow the natural contours of your lips. Start the lines inside your lip and stop halfway to the edge. This will emphasize your lip creases and make them appear deeper without being obvious.

Using a light shade of lipstick or concealer, highlight the spaces between the lines you just drew. This will make those areas of your lips protrude and appear fuller.

Step 5 – Apply Lipstick



Apply your favourite nude lipstick to both your top and bottom lip and make sure to apply an even amount of coverage. When in doubt just pucker up and plant one on a napkin to even it out.

Step 6 –  Lip Brush



Make sure to always blend the lipstick and lip liner using an angled lip brush to create an even, one-tone look.

Step 7- Bronzer /Shimmer

Apply bronzer underneath the bottom lip to trick the eye into thinking that the lip is naturally full. Tap your favorite glittery illuminator along your cupid’s bow and on top of the highlighted sections to make them pop even more.

Step 8 – Add gloss

Dab a sheer lip gloss at the centre of your lips and lightly blend it out by pressing your lips together.


Follow these steps and I am sure you can too have fuller lips not permanently though but ya for some time at least. Let me if this works for you..

Thanks for reading.. Let me know in the comment section if you have tried any of these steps. And also don’t forget to share your tricks or tips to make the lips fuller naturally.

With Love,




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