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How Strobing is done?

March 4, 2017

Hi all

I have already written a blog about What is Strobing? Today let’s see how Strobing is done in few simple and easy steps.

Instead of rounding up your best shading hues, dig out all your illuminating products. Strobing focuses exclusively on highlighter, applied where light would naturally hit your face (cheekbones, brow bones, the centre of your forehead, down your nose, and on your chin.)

Dabbing on these soft, shimmery shades will make your complexion look radiant, fresh, and healthy while giving you an ethereal oomph that is sure to turn heads. The best part? Your skin won’t feel suffocated by layers and layers of makeup in the Summer heat because you’re only using one extra product.



Strobing relies solely on highlighters and natural light to define your face and radiate a youthful look.

Unlike contouring, which requires the use of multiple products, strobing is a lot simpler.

While contouring often leaves a matte finish, strobing delivers a shimmery effect if the right products are used.

What colour highlighter can be used based depending on skin tone?

If you are a fair to medium tone, you can use more of a champagne colour.



If you are tanned to dark use gold’s and deeper bronzed shades.



If you are of a fairer shade then you don’t want to use anything that’s too deep because it will start to look like you’re wearing bronzer.


Keep reading for some glowing inspiration, then try it out yourself!

Steps in Strobing-

  1. Prep your skin with a hydrating moisturizer. 


Strobing is all about getting the perfect glow, so you’ll need to replenish dull, dry skin with a good moisturizer first. If you have naturally oily skin, use one that’s oil-free.


  1. Use a highlighter shade that best matches your skin tone.


To avoid the frosted ’90s look, make sure the highlighter you’re using complements your skin tone for a subtle sheen.



  1. Only use the highlighter in spots that catch light


On your cheekbones, along your temples, down the bridge of your nose, below your brow bone, in the corners of your eyes, and above your cupid’s bow. This will enhance your natural features. Don’t spread the product all over your face, or else your glow will turn into a greasy mess. If you have oily skin, skip areas like your forehead or chin, which have a little shine already.



  1. After you’ve applied the highlighter, blend it out with your fingers, a fan brush, or a damp makeup sponge.


To avoid blobs of product and obvious makeup lines, make sure you blend any harsh edges of highlighter so it fades into the rest of your skin.


If you have oily skin, opt for matte bronzer, blush, or other facial products, and only use a shimmery highlighter. To avoid looking like a disco ball, choose a matte formula for most of your makeup (primer, foundation, bronzer, powder). Avoid highlighting areas on your face that have breakouts — unless you want to spotlight your blemish.


Complete your strobing makeup by adding a pinky-peach blush to the apples of your cheeks.


So this is how Strobing is done. It is very easy unlike contouring saves a lot of time and makes the skin looks glowy and attractive. Try out these simple steps and let me know how it worked on you girls..

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    Have you tried the Cover FX Customer Enhancer drops? I think they will totally up my highlight game, they’re insane!

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