Lipstick Shades for Dusky/Wheatish Skin Women

September 6, 2016

Hi all..

Lipsticks enhance the beauty of the women. It brightens up the face instantly. Finding the right lipstick color can be difficult, especially for women with darker skin tones. Darker-skinned women can have cool or warm undertones, which can affect the way the lip shade plays against their colouring.

As I have already discussed about the skin undertone on my previous blog about How to Pick right shade for your skin tone.. You will know whether you are warm undertone or cool undertone. So before picking a shade for you just check your skin undertone.

So if you are dusky/wheatish skin tone here are few lipstick shades which will suit you and will make you look more pretty and attractive.



Red is the shade for all skin tone whether you are fair, dusky or medium skin tone. It suits all skin tone. Red matte lipstick will look more sexy and hot on dusky skin tone. It will enhance the face and will look stunning.

There are many brands available in market like L’Oreal, Maybelline, Nyx, LA Girl and many more. I am sure you will get your perfect red in this brand.



Brown shade looks more appealing on dusky tone. There are many shades available in brown like copper brown, dark brown, light brown, chocolate brown which will look great on dusky tone at any time of the day. It will enhance the complexion without making face look dull. This shade can go on all occasion.



Yes you read right. Yes Pink too looks stunning on dusky skin tone. Try coral pink shade I am sure it won’t disappoint you. I have seen many women with dusky skin tone carrying pink shade very beautifully. Try it on your lips before buying them I am sure there is one pink shade for you as well. There are so many shades available in pink so I am positive you won’t get disappointed you will find your pink shade which will looks stunning on you.

Fuchsia shades comes in pink family. It’s a bold colour and it will definitely make you look more attractive. Don’t worry don’t get scared just try I know you won’t get disappointed. It makes face look more attractive.



Yes wine/berry are gorgeous shade which will flatter dusky tone women. Shades from L’Oreal Pure Red in Garnet one of my favourite, another one Nyx Throttle in shade Locking are few awesome wine shades for you to select. It will surely brighten your face and it looks very attractive on dusky skin tones.



Yes you read it again orange ya it will also look pretty on dusky skin tone. Peach colour not bright orange something litter than bold orange shade will make dusky skin more attractive.


Go for it girls. Don’t think too much try it then only you will know what looks good on you. Don’t worry about others what they will think and say do what you like wear the shade which you like. All shades are meant for you. Hope this will help you dusky skin tone women or girls to pick their shade.

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