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Monsoon Makeup Tips

June 16, 2017

Hi all..

Finally Monsoons are here. .. It’s my favourite season. I just love rains. Rains make everything looks beautiful. Monsoon provides soothing effect to your body just after experiencing the burning sensation of heat over your skin layer during summer.

Rain can even melt the makeup which you have applied over your face if proper protection based make up is not applied. But, if you can apply some tips on make up for monsoon season, you can look dazzling and beautiful even in this particular season.



There are few who might rely on waterproof makeup. But do you really think that even a waterproof product is good during this season? Definitely not. The next question is what we do to avoid heavy makeup and yet look good. Well read on to get some really amazing makeup tips to enhance your beauty in rainy season-

  • Moisturizer

When it comes to using moisturisers nothing works better than the water-based variety. These are known to effectively keep water loss from perspiration, in addition to skin oiliness and acne, at bay.

  • Primer

To build a smear-proof  base always use a primer. It acts as a natural shield for dust, water and also helps reduce perspiration through the pores, which keeps your makeup in place longer.

  • Water Proof Foundation



Try to avoid foundation as much as you can, unless you like getting messed up. Instead replace foundation with face powder. This to an extent will help in keeping the look intact even if you get drenched. However even while using face powder see to it that you use only as much as you need it.

In other words use face powder to get rid of that greasy look and nothing more. If you really need to apply foundation try to go for waterproof or liquid foundation.

  • Blush


Cream-based blush tints glide on the skin like velvet and get absorbed giving your cheeks a sense of natural flush. Use cream blushers instead of powder or any other type of blushes in the monsoon.

Use as less blush as you possibly can. Even if you get wet in rain remember to just dab it with a tissue and not rub it all over your face.

Let it look natural and not like a cakey look. Peach, pink and brown are fabulous shades for the wet season. Use more pastel colours during monsoon. Keep it subtle and beautiful.

  • Eye shadow

Use subtle colours like beige, brown, pink.  When it comes to eye shadows use powdered eye shadows instead of creams. This will keep the eye shadow from melting off on your face.


  • Mascara

Mascara should be a strict NO-NO during rainy season, until and unless it is very much necessary. Select water resistant mascaras that will at least stay for a while without getting smudged when wet.

  • Eyebrows

Maintain your eyebrows in perfect shape during the rains. This is because you may not be able to whip out your eyebrow pencil and use it during a heavy spell of rain.

  • Eyeliner and Kajal


Use pencil liner then liquid eye liner in the monsoon. This will keep it from running all over your face when you get wet. Apply smudge proof and waterproof eye kajal. For eye makeup that will last, consider using a kohl pencil to create the perfect cat eye, or even smudging a chubby eye crayon into a smoky eye look. Eyeliner pencils tend to be waxy and therefore will stay put when the water starts splashing your way.


  • Lip Colour


Outlining and shading in your lips with a matte pencil will make for great all-day lip colour. Settle down with long lasting range of lipsticks during monsoon. Matte is the best choice. Avoid lip gloss as it will get sticky and smudge easily when you get wet. Use dark colour lipsticks as it will make you look a shade lighter than your actual complexion and also stay longer.

  • Make-up Setting Spray

Once your face is complete and you’ve used your primers and waterproof cosmetics, there’s an additional step that can help your makeup weather the storms — finishing sprays.

  • Hair

Do not leave your hair open during monsoons. Tie it up in a neat bun and use hair accessories instead to accentuate your look. Monsoon is not the season to try out very elaborate hairstyles. The hassle of keeping them in place is too much. Stick to simple hairstyles like layers and bangs.



These were few makeup tips which you can follow in monsoon and look beautiful and forget getting worried about makeup to get washed out. The rains can’t stop you from having gorgeous face.

What are your monsoon Monsoon Makeup Tipsmakeup tips? Do let me know in comment section..










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