Ponds White Beauty Pearl Cleansing Gel Review

August 9, 2015

Hi everyone…

Today I will be talking about Ponds White Pearl Cleansing Gel face wash. I was in the grocery shop recently and I happened to see this face wash and couldn’t resist myself from buying it. I was already using Ponds White Beauty face wash which I was actually happy with its so thought let me try this range from Ponds. Let’s see what the product is all about and my experience using it.









Ponds White Beauty Pearl Cleansing Gel Review available in 2 sizes 50g and 100g

Price – Rs 95 for 50 g

              Rs. 165 for 100 g








Experience using Ponds White Beauty Pearl Cleansing Gel 

It comes in a plastic pink tube which is travel friendly. The gel is transparent and thick in consistency. The face wash has flowery smell which usually all Ponds face wash has. You just need very small amount to make it lather but it doesn’t lather much when compared to other cleansers but I really like it. It foams decently.

The cleansing action of the gel is okay not that great. The face wash gives a light glow to the skin which might fade away in some time.  It tends to make skin dry. I have very oily skin and after using it made my skin bit dry tends to get a bit dry.

Frankly speaking, I expected more from this face wash as it claims to have oxy-gel formula but I felt it is not different from other Pond face wash.

It claims to be soap-free and says doesn’t make skin dry. I am not at all happy with this face wash. It’s a big disappointment.






Pros of Ponds White Beauty Pearl Cleansing Gel

  • Travel Friendly
  • Fragrance is good
  • Gives glow to skin for sometime
  • Gentle on skin
  • Affordable
  • Easily available online and at groceries shop


Cons of Ponds Whitening Beauty Pearl Cleansing Gel

  • Dries the skin
  • Just another ordinary face wash
  • Cleansing action is not that great
  • Not great good for dry skin people


Ratings: 2/5


Honestly speaking I won’t be buying this face wash again. But overall its ok face wash you can try to see its results.
Hope you like the review.. Keep writing feedback… till the next time take good care of yourself….Thank you guys for reading..


Thank you all for reading…







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