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What is Strobing?

February 17, 2017

Hi all..

We all must have heard about Strobing recently but how many of us actually know what it means..

Strobing Is the Brilliant New Face-Sculpting Hack For Lazy Girls like me. Contouring takes lit of time and effort. Not everyone including me are not that comfortable in contouring.



The contouring trend has been hot for a while now. The concept is easy — by using makeup products two shades darker and lighter than your skin tone, you make features recede and pop as desired. But in practice, contouring can be a little challenging. No worries: Strobing, the newest beauty craze, is likely more your speed.

Strobing is different from contouring because no dark shades are used. Instead, bright highlights are placed on areas of the face where the light naturally hits to create an illuminated complexion.



This trend is about healthy-looking skin rather than the sculpting you get with contouring. When you highlight first, the contours in the face naturally come forward.

Strobing focuses exclusively on highlighter, applied where light would naturally hit your face (cheekbones, brow bones, the center of your forehead, down your nose, and on your chin.)

Dabbing on these soft, shimmery shades will make your complexion look radiant, fresh, and healthy while giving you an ethereal oomph that is sure to turn heads. The best part? Your skin won’t feel suffocated by layers and layers of makeup in the Summer heat because you’re only using one extra product.

It is important to use different strobing shades based on your complexion. This will ensure the skin looks bright and radiant, rather than too harsh or ashy and dull.

People with fair skin tones should focus on white to pinky-beige highlights. Those with medium skin tones look best in bronzed beige to gold hues. Meanwhile, golds to peachy and orange shimmers stand out on dark skin tones.


So this was in brief what is Strobing…Hope what actually Strobing means is clear now.. Will come back with another blog How Strobing is done..


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