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Easy Winter Makeup Tips

October 19, 2016

Hi everyone..

We’re slowly starting to accept the fact that winter is coming, and our summer glows are fading fast. Now that the sun goes down early it’s a sign of the terror that’s around the corner. Winter is coming, and that means gusts of wind nearly knocking you over and drying your skin out to the max.

It’s almost mid-October and we are heading towards lovely winter season. Here in Bangalore it’s still not cold and it’s pretty hot but it’s going to enter winter soon. I love winter season and especially here in Bangalore its awesome chilling.

No matter how much you bundle up in fluffy scarves and puffy jackets, it’s hard to protect your face from the harsh winter conditions, making the task of covering up dry, rough skin.


Easy Ways to Winter Proof Your Makeup. Don’t despair—with these tips and tricks, your makeup can withstand everything the season throws at it.


Hydrate Skin



In winter season , dry patches can build up on skin’s surface, leaving less than radiant no matter how much makeup you apply. Get your glow back by using a gentle exfoliate once a week, then follow that up with a layer of moisturizer. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated so drink loads of water.

Cleanse carefully


If you have very dry skin especially in winters it tends to be drier so switch to a cleanser which is suitable for your skin tone.

Instead of using a foaming, gel-based cleanser, use milky or creamy cleansers since they have fewer skin-stripping detergentsMassage into dry skin, then remove gently with a facial tissue or cotton pads.



Get rid of dryness

Get rid of dry, flaky skin overnight by applying a creamy, hydrating mask or a rich good night cream to your face for 5 to 15 minutes. Press a facial tissue on your face to absorb any excess, and then head to bed. Always massage you skin with a good moisturiser which is meant for your skin tone. Usually for dry skin people winters are very troublesome so to avoid getting troubled use a good moisturiser or cream and massage it well before heading to bed.


Moisturise Baby moisturise


Starting with moisturised skin is like keeping your car oiled — it’ll be easier to run foundation over it when you get ready.  Use a good moisturiser for your skin type before getting in to makeup


Don’t skip sunscreen

Skin-ravaging UV rays are present year-round. Whether its winter or summer or rainy don’t forget your skin protection from sun that is your sunscreen.

Get in the habit of wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 daily, no matter what the season.

Prime Time


Primer can be skipped but it doesn’t hurt to apply primer so that your makeup is set for longer period.

Opt for lightweight coverage



When your skin changes, it’s a guess and check system to see what works for you. Working in thin layers and seeing what the skin needs, like a few drops of face oil even almond oil in your foundation.

A heavy layer of foundation can accentuate dry patches. Lighten it up by mixing equal parts moisturiser and foundation before applying, or use a tinted moisturiser instead.

Whatever you use make sure you blend all your edges with a damp Beauty Blender so it all looks seamless  from light bronzer, to blush, to foundation.



If the wind has left you with an inflamed, red face, camouflage it with a green-tinted moisturiser. If the redness is confined to smaller areas, just apply a colour-correcting concealer to those spots. Look for moisturisers with calming ingredients.

Eye makeup Tear proof




Winds and snow(in some regions) can cause makeup meltdowns.  To prevent the eye makeup to smudge always wear waterproof mascara and use eyeliner and eye shadow on the upper lids only to reduce the risk of makeup migration.

Get Set and forget it



If your makeup tend to rub off on your clothes, scarf or hat  keep it in place by applying a layer of translucent pressed powder.  It’s less messy than loose powder and can help keep makeup where you want it—on your face.

Pout Girl




If you have cracked, flaky winter lips, stick with a tinted lip balm that contains sunscreen. If your lips are in good shape you can opt for moisturising lipstick, but avoid matte or long-wearing lipstick formulas as they can be drying.

Blush Rush



Don’t forget blush. It’ll make a washed-out face come to life.  Take soft peach shade for fair skin and pink for darker skin blush onto the apples of your cheeks and blend towards your cheekbones.


Follow these basic steps to make your face super beautiful. Whatever season it be your face should always look pretty and attractive. I am sure if you follow these rules you will start loving winter as well and can do makeup without any hassles.

Thanks for reading.. Do let me know any other winter care tip for makeup.


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